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Serious Truck Accidents Require Experienced Legal Representation

The bustling Chicago economy means there are thousands of commercial vehicles on the highways and downtown streets every day. If you or someone you love is involved in an accident with a truck, the size and weight of these vehicles means the injuries are often significant.

You have already suffered physically. You should not have to suffer financially as well. If the accident was caused by negligence on the part of the truck driver, you should be able to recover the full amount of your medical costs, property loss, and damages for pain and suffering through a personal injury lawsuit.

I Stand Up To Companies’ Aggressive Tactics Following A Truck Wreck

Trucking companies and other businesses that operate commercial delivery vehicles aggressively defend their drivers when truck accidents occur. It is important to retain an experienced personal injury lawyer who can stand up to these aggressive tactics. I have more than 25 years of experience representing injured parties in personal injury cases.

Commercial truck drivers are under a lot of pressure to make their deliveries on time. As a result, they often exceed posted speed limits or violate Illinois and federal laws that limit weight loads, the number of consecutive hours they can drive without a rest and other important rules. Accidents do result because of fatigued drivers or overweight tractor-trailers.

I will conduct a thorough investigation of your accident to determine the important facts that will help maximize the amount recovered in your lawsuit. Often, minute details that are not part of police reports turn out to be important evidence that will support your case. This attention to detail helps me negotiate from a position of strength. If a fair agreement cannot be reached through negotiation, I am always prepared to advocate on your behalf in court.

Committed To Your Best Interests

It is important to reach an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible following a truck accident. Do not speak with insurance representatives until you confer with a lawyer. Call The Law Offices of James H. Miller, Jr., at 312-957-4658 or email me to schedule a meeting.